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User Interface - Crowdsourcing


Stratics Veteran
Woo, lots of posts today.

In general, I think the best plan regarding the UI would be to create it in such a way as to make it as easy and flexible as possible for the community to step in and mod/customize it. In general people love modability and while this is very limited in the overall scheme of MMORPGs the UI is an area rife with possibility.

In your continued development of the UI I would strongly encourage you to design the foundation and underlying system for the UI in a way as to facilitate modding as much as possible.

I don't know if there are any new systems but I know that original EverQuest used an XML system and that this resulted in a huge range of interface designs and fairly substantial websites being created specifically to cater to UI developers.

What are the current thoughts about this?


Stratics Veteran
I like the current minimalism a lot, and I hope they don't add too much to the default UI. The collapseable windows (e.g. map) are nice, but the current CD timers need to..um...show actual information. Group window needs work and an assist/target through function would be nice. I'm sure player buffs/debuffs are coming eventually.

Although this is only tangentally related, I really hope they change the target reticle to something less intrusive.


Brandon Lamb

Stratics Veteran
Agree with @eggsalicious on cooldown timers. I submitted the same suggestion. Ground reticule target would be great. Also was hoping for the same thing in regards to UI modding.