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[URPG Stratics] How Lord British is Returning to RPGs

Ultimate RPG News

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Our good Lord British, Richard Garriot, recently gave an interview to IGN‘s Colin Campbell. During their informative chat, Garriot answered questions about social gaming platforms, the free-to-play/microtransaction model, and the big question everyone surely wants to know: When do we get to play it?!
Richard: It’s a least a year out. How much beyond a year, that’s hard to say, but it’s definitely more than a year away. I would speculate a year and a half, if I had to put a stake in the ground somewhere. But we don’t have a precise timeline until we get more of the team spun up and you have people working exclusively on the new product.​
The loyal masses
patiently await your benevolent gifts, my liege!

Image via IGN

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There's a very interesting tidbit on how RG will be implementing player-housing and avatar control from his Ultimate Collector game; perhaps I should check this game out afterall. :]