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[Feedback] Updated 1 publish 81


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I would like for the developers to understand that 99% of the people who play use either leather or woodland. This means unless you improve the other armor there is no reason to use it.

Stamina loss:
This is a nerf no matter how you spin in. Now I am not saying i'm against nerfing but lets focus on what you are doing. You are putting in a penalty in stamina when getting hit in melee. Wearing plate/ring/chain/dragon doesn't put it back to current patch stamina loss. This in turn makes all melee fighting a nerf since there is no bonus for combat by wearing plate ect. All you have accomplish with this patch is making anyone who fights melee required to carry tons of stamina pots. This new mechanic just promotes scripting which I dont like but it only benefits them and not the average player.

Armor inherent lower mana cost:
'The armor pieces which provide the most lower mana cost will take priority.'
This new concept is worthless. Again there is no reason to wear any armor other then leather or woodland. If someone really wanted to wear another type they would imbue lower mana cost on it. This means the inerent is worthless since the imbue value will take priority.

Tim Chappell Statement: 'Providing more choices of play styles while not invalidating any current play styles is the goal of these changes.'

If you want more play styles add unique, additional or upgrades to armor not being used. They aren't being used for a reason so making them better would create more play styles.

Example to help provide more choices of play styles:
Cloth: how about tailoring bods that offer the cloth rewards are now enchancements to a random mage skill.
Stud: Same concept but maybe just thief type skills.
Ingots: Enhance with new or upgraded stats. Maybe a lower mana cost high value but only effects weapon skills.
Bone armor: SSI but only effects necro spells
Dragon armor: Red gives % hit fireball, etc

Anyway you get the idea. These examples will get us excited about the new patch. Right now all we are doing is brainstorming 'how can we do what we are currently doing but adding pots or whatever to offset the nerfs you are proposing'. This means your core statement of providing more play styles is not being accomplish.