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[Atlantic] Upcoming October Events For Skara Brae


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Stratics Legend
We will be havig a Weekly City Meeting to be held at the Skara Brae Community Center. These dates will be as follows:
October 1 @ 8pm est.
October 8 @ 8pm est.
October 15 @ 8pm est.
October 22 @ 8pm est.
October 29 @ 8pm est.
These meetings are for citizens to share any concerns, ideas, and suggestions that you might have.

Saturday Oct.5, 2013 & October 19th. Hours will be 9am -Noon est. and then again at 4 -7pm est. on both days.
We will be hosting another another Crafting Day. We will be repairing armor, weapons, bows. We will also open up locked chests that you may have. We will have the following people on hand as follows: Imbuer, Blacksmiths, Tailors, Lockpickers, and Bowcrafters. All these repairs will be free to anyone who needs them. So please all the citizens of the realm come to the Community Craft Days!!!

We are going to be hosting "The Halloween Event of the Season"
To be held on Saturday October 26th from 9pm-Midnight est. (There will be more info to follow) on the Halloween event. It will be a great night of fun.
So please mark these dates and times in your Calendar!!! These are events that you do not want to miss!!!
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