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(Player Event) UORadio's Find the DJ and Deal or No Deal UO Style on Lake Austin June 25, 2022


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OMG!!! 15 Years Plus!!!!

Free Community Event for over 15 years!! NO CHARGE WHAT SO EVER!!!
For new and old players alike. Deal or No Deal UO Style is weekly.

Hunting Eggs? Searching for Pirate Ships? Or are you just fishing hoping to pull
up that rare treasure? Take a fun brake with UO Radio's Weekend fun!!! UORad.com

The Next Find the DJ and Deal or no Deal shows:

Lake Austin June 25, 2022
No Show on July 2, 2022 for 4th of July weekend
Lake Superior July 9, 2022


Listen on air at UORad.com to DJ Matthew Every Sunday Morning @ 8:00 AM Eastern
5:00 AM Pacific for Tunes to relax by as well as in game on the Lake Austin
Shard every Sunday at 9:30 PM Eastern (6:30 PM Pacific) in the North West Corner of Luna
He will conduct a Sunday Meet and Greet that will be your chance to ask
any questions on any thoughts you may have. This is a GREAT way for
gamers to personally connect with any of their meditation thoughts or questions.

Follow us on UORad.com to see our events schedule and hear great tunes.
Post your thoughts about Find the DJ and Deal or no Deal on Stratics
One of the letters for the secret word is "O"
Check out Stratics.com for all your UO information and or
Stratics Community Forums to check out your shard information.

We have been broadcasting Deal or no Deal UO Style for the
community for over 15 years plus now. That's over 650 shows!

The Special Grand Prize for the 15 year party is 80 million UO GOLD, plus there is
Millions in door prizes .... UO GOLD prizes.

Deal or no Deal has always been free to play and all UO GOLD winnings has always
been delivered for free to your favorite shard.

Please let all know here on Stratics your thought on our game shows.


We are also looking for support staff for each shard to help run player events and
support the EM Events.
Voice over staff needed to do special 15, 30 and 60 second breaks/spots.
We are also looking for producers and DJ's for UO Radio.
Producers will work as support staff for DJ's
Also One hour to Two hour time slots for shows, once a week are open
You can do these live or record them to be broadcast at a later time.
Go to our web site UORad.com and click the Become a DJ to fill out an application!!
Or....Contact one of our staff members when you see them in game or when they are on air.
If you hear a DJ on air go to our message center at UORad.com or use our discord.

We here at UO Radio want to thank the "Crowd Funders" and the Management of Stratics for
being our Sponsor!!

Please let us know if you want UO Radio to keep these game shows rolling out on a weekly basis.
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