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UOGuide News: Shadowguard, AtanticBoard, & Atlantic Events

JC the Builder

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Hello all, another week brought some more stuff happening at UOGuide.

Content Updates
This past week the largest update is related to the Shadowguard Encounters. Everything has been added up to the final roof encounter, uh, mostly because.........I haven't been able to get to that point. The Belfry is actually difficult you know.

A big thank you to Jynxx and Lord Obsidian for updates related to Time of Legends including the: Shadowguard Artifacts, new creatures, and items such as Juo’nar’s Grimoire. Also Arroth Thaniel has been updating other various articles. There has been a lot of contributors updating lately, thanks to them all.

Atlantic Shard Portal + Events
Since the Atlantic Shard is where I play it is easiest for me to update all the information about it. I have updated/added to the main "portal" page for the shard. This includes working to update the Atlantic Events section. I plan to attend lots of events to record and write summaries for them. So far we have The Horrible - EM Event and 2016 Winter Classic 1v1 PVP Mage Tournament articles. Another one will be up shortly for the 2v2 tournament held today.

Atlantic Community Board Preservation
Halister Marner, the administrator for www.atlanticcommunityboard.com, has gotten in touch with me about transferring the site under the care of UOGuide. The software has gotten dangerously out of date and he does not have the time or resources to keep it running any longer. The tl:dr is the forum will be imported into the UOGuide forum, the wiki will be transferred onto the UOGuide wiki, and the domain will be kept running all the same. If you want to learn more or help out with this project refer to: forum.uoguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=1480

UORares Website Updates
In a similar vein as the AtlanticCommunityBoard, UORares.com with be having some updates coming to it. The plan is to turn it into a sort of museum listing information about original rares in the game. I would like to see it spruced up a bit with a more pleasant style. We could really use help transferring the wiki pages, there are over 1,000 to move! If anyone is interested in helping out with this there is more information available here: stratics.com/threads/uorares-com-updates.362154/

New Article Contest
As announced already, any person who creates a new article on UOGuide, no matter how small, will be entered to receive a UO Code of their choice worth up to $10. This contest will run through the month of January ( from January 1, 12:01AM EST until January 31, 11:59PM EST). Multiple articles will not increase the amount of entries. The winner will be announced in a news post within a week after the contest end date.

More Coming Soon
Be on the lookout for more updates to UOGuide.

Have a Nice Day.
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