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UOForums 10 Year Anniversary - Shard Tour

Vessel the Humakti

Stratics Veteran

It is announce for Japanese Players in Yamato Shard, So I write down this in Japanese. But I can understand some of English, ask me with English ok, and if you have account of UOF, ask it in UO Forum!

Information from Lord Chaos;
UOForums 10 Year Anniversary - Shard Tour

簡単に言うと、UO Forumと言う設立10年を迎えるファンサイトが、10周年記念でシャードツアーをするという話です。
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Vessel the Humakti

Stratics Veteran
Additional Information;

Our Lord Chaos talk to me, they will do speech and give something to memorial. (I wonder what it is !)
# Don't worry, I will translate his speech to Japanese.
They wants to know when the best time for Japanese users for this short time event. (I think 21:00-23:00(JPN Local time) is better for us)

If you have any idea, please write down here and input me more exciting your idea!

And... Lord Chaos want to know the contact window of Yamato and Mizuho shard.
I will be a Contat window of Mizuho in this time, there is no EM, no way.:frown2:
But Yamato... There is an Event Moderator. I think that the event should consult with them first.

I call EM for community support.