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UODreams Shard


LOGO stratics.png

UODreams is one of the first historical OSI Style Shard that was born in Italy, one of the
best European shard of the 2003-2007 age's. The shard has always been up over the years and
it has never been reset.
It still has a good PVM experience and PVP dynamics with stable events created by the staff,
monthly quest events and continuous development on expansion deployments.

The last 22 May of 2021 UODreams reached
his 18th Anniversary

The shard was born with Age Of Shadow
and has been updated to Samurai Empire
and then to Mondain Legacy
up to the current Stygian Abyss expansion

UODreams preserves his Hystory
there are items, players and achievement
of all these eighteen years of activity!

Login: login.uodreams.com
Port: 2593
Client Version:
Location: Italy, Dedicated Machine
Emulator: RunUO/ServUO Based
Online Since: 22 May 2003
Online Player Beast Record: 933 22/03/2005
Online Player 2021 Record: 126 09/04/2021
Account per IP: 1 (multiple accounting is disallowed)
Website: www.uodreams.com
Skill cap: 720
Stat cap: 260
Expansion: Stygian Abyss

UODreams Discord
UODreams Youtube
UODreams Instagram
UODreams Facebook

For login into the game need first to create the account, following this link you can be able to enter into UODreams:
How To Play

Quick Start System:
UODreams Quick Start Skill:
480 Points (which added to the 120 at char creation become 600 and eventually more with npc skill train)
UODreams Quick Start Stat: 90 Points (which added to the 90 at chat creation become 180)
Quick Start Robe: (lasting 30 days) Blessed, Defense Chance Increase 10%, Hit Chance Increase 10%, Lower Reagent Cost 80%, Resist all 50%
Tithing Points: 10000
Gold: 10000
Complete Spellbook: Magery, Necro, Mysticism, Chivalry, Ninjitsu and Bushido
Bonded Horse

Being mainly an italian but international shard we hope with this post to be able to increase the presence of players from other parts of the world, we leave you with this playlist that contains many of the video made on UODreams over the years

Video Playlist
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