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Tools UOCartographerMod 1.0

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Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
petemage submitted a new resource:

UOCatographerMod - UO Cartographer Mod for the EC without Pinco's UI

Enables support for UO Cartographer from the Enhanced Client without the need to use a full Pinco's UI.

To install the just extract the zipfile and move the contained "UOCartographerUI" folder inside the "UserInterface" folder in the client install directory (likely under "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Stygian Abyss").

If you want to use it with an exististing UI, you can also just copy the "UOCartographerMod" folder and put it into the Mods folder the an existing UI.

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Arti Ficer

Stratics Veteran
To give you a heads up.. This mod works wonderfully, However for those of us that are not technologically minded here is how to enable this mod in the EC (Stygian's Abyss) Client to work perfectly with UOCartographer.

1. Once you download the UOCartographer mod from the resources page (Look under resources > UOCartographerMod) use a program like Winzip, WinRar and extract the folder to your desktop. IF you run windows 7 the following actions apply to you.

1a. Once the folder UOcartographermod has been unzipped it will appear on your desktop. Right mouse click the folder and select Cut.
1b. Goto My Computer > C:\ drive > (The most likely location it would install it would be Games/Electronic Arts/Ultima Online Enhanced Client).. Once you locate your install directory, look for a folder called UserInterface.
1c. Open the user interface folder and you should see (Depending on your client version) two zip files one called Default & Custom_UI_Documentation. Right mouse click anywhere in this screen and click PASTE.
1d. You should see the new folder that you just copied from your desktop called UOCartographerUI.
1e. At this point close all open windows.
1f. LOAD your EC client.
1g. Once your at the login screen look at the top for a button marked (Custom UI) or (User Interface) click on it. A box will appear with the words "DEFAULT" in it. Look to the right hand side of this box there should be a little arrow. Click on it and a drop down menu list will appear look for UOCartographerUI in the list and select it. Then click OK

Now all being well once you log into your game you should see a message in the game chat windows like "UOCartographerUI has been loaded" this done run UOCartographer in Admin mode and all should be well. IF not check in the UOCart options menu to ensure you have the correct program location specified for the EC client and that the two check boxes for EC Client maps and USE Enhanced Client have been ticked.)


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.