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[UO.Com] Publish 98 Comes to TC1


UO Designer
Stratics Veteran
The only artifact that I see having any issue is Jack’s Bag of Tricks. If you don't grab it right at the start of the month, it quickly becomes kind of pointless, Given that it's so pricy in points (75 points), unless you have points / stuff banked from past events, it'll take many of us a week or two to even hope for one. Could you consider leaving that one running until the xmas followup mini-publish (presumably some time towards the end of Nov)? That'd at least give folks a reason to still claim one even towards the end of October.

Oh, andboth with Doom and Sorcerer's items in my pack, I have yet to have any menu pop up. I've had to use the context menu each time.
For its first release, I think we can do that with the Bag o' Tricks.