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[UO.Com] Publish 98 Comes to TC1


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@Kyronix Could you clarify the point system? I'm not too familiar with the Treasures events. I spent around ~2 hours in the Sorcerers Dungeon last night, killed 4-5 mini bosses and Jack, got 20 artifact drops, but when I talk to the researcher it shows my reward points as 0. I know I have to turn in the artifacts to get a point, but it also sounds like there is a non-artifact based point system for just doing the content? Thanks.
Sure. Behind the scenes, every time you kill a creature you get some points. The more points you have and based on your luck attribute you have a chance to get an artifact until you are guaranteed to get one. Once you have your artifact you can either keep it or visit the researcher to turn it in for other loot. There's a context menu option on the researcher to turn artifacts in if it doesn't automatically pop up when you approach him.