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[UO.Com] Publish 98 Comes to TC1


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Agree with you on martian content being out of place in Britannia -- and i like the idea of cycling content in a sort of playground dungeon like kotl city. But i dont think its a good idea having recently added areas just sitting idle at a given time with no real purpose to visit. Seems kinda wasteful - there kinda seems to be a lot of that throughout UO.

Let me ask ya @Kyronix.. what are your thoughts on having EMs make temp content for dungeons like kotl city if they are willing/able? Perhaps static week/month long content in given areas? Im curious to know if this is feasible or not or just a dumb idea. Call me crazy but i feel like this could fill a few gaps in the game and could potentially be tuned im such a way as to prevent the rampant/obvious cheating that occurs in live EM events.

Btw thanks for taking the time to interact w players.
The EMs have a lot of those tools at their disposal, however setting up that scale of event is no small task. Beyond that, any unique functionality would need dev work behind it.