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[UO.Com] Publish 96 Comes to TC1


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Because demon and elemental are opposed slayer types, meaning if you're a dexer bashing away with a demon slayer weapon, the bloods are going to hit you for double damage. It's a sneaky dexer nerf.

I don't know. I've screamed for a Doom update louder than anyone but this is all really unenthusing.

Man @Kyronix you know what? Screw crafting, okay? You guys run literally the only loot-based game since Diablo 1 to not feature any kind of color-coding system, a loot-based game with basically zero looting experiences that are any fun, and yet here you sit crapping up a major PVM update with more crafting stuff.

You know why this is disappointing? Because Doom isn't going to be about hoping some awesome artifact drops. It's going to be about farming dark father blood and other boring garbage I can't use, dumping it on a vendor, hoping it sells, and then buying whatever item I want from vendor search. It's not a fun slot machine, it's just another thing to grind.

I already sat through a whole update cycle that was all about adding new ways for people to bake pies and craft chairs and crap and turn them in for rewards, or whatever. I sat quietly, too, because hey I guess those people deserve to get something. But this is a PVM update. Give me some loot. Give me a slot machine. Give me some bells and whistles. Give me something to tickle the back of my lizard brain.

Seriously, go play Diablo 2 for a while and don't come back until you can tell us why people like it.
That's a fair enough request, with the next update to TC1 we hope to address this as well as some other issues. Thanks for the feedback!