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[UO.Com] Publish 95 Comes to TC1


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Seriously....well I guess since you're turning them in to use for the festival that makes [email protected] when will that be turned on?
Oh here's the gump for a 10 count normal cloth bod (robe)

View attachment 56291

So either 10 points or .05 points...which actually is pretty good considering you can accumulate the banked points, just fill a ton of junk bods to get a good reward, makes sense to me.
The festival is active on TC1 in Britain right now.

The fractional point awards are a way to add value to low level BODs that would otherwise be "thrown on the floor" while avoiding a situation where someone could turn in 6 low level BODs to get a valorite runic hammer, thusly making large BODs irrelevant and creating a mass flood of high end BOD rewards.