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[Feedback] [UO.Com] Publish 86.2 to TC1


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2014 Aug 15 16:20 GMT

Publish Update to TC1

Next week we will have an update to Vice vs Virtue

Publish 86.0.2

Global Loot Changes

  • Khaldun Puzzle Chests now convert to next generation loot.

  • Talisman now spawn with loot properties.

  • Chests found in locations such as the Vesper Bank and the Trinsic Guard Tower have converted loot.

  • Creatures that normally did not attack each other based on karma will no longer attach each other.

  • Items from the Despise wisp have been toned down.

  • Specialty items obtained from SoS loot will not be converted to next generation loot.
Traders Quest

  • Slim the Fence will now persist in the three tavern locations even when a trade order has been turned in to him.

  • Trade orders should be available with a destination of Yew.

  • Slim the Fence will no longer reward forged pardons, and now has a chance of rewarding a random magic item, or one of his rare rewards.

  • City Trade Ministers will now reward either resources or a random Scroll of Transcendence in addition to their specialty rewards.

  • Reward Scrolls of Transcendence will have a random value between 0.1 and 1.0

  • Turning trade orders in to Slim the Fence will result in gaining hate from the destination and origin cities with regards to city loyalty, as well as a karma loss.

  • Turning trade orders in to the City Trade Minister will result in gaining love from the destination and origin cities with regards to city loyalty, as well as a karma gain.

  • Ambusher mobs will scale based on the stats and skills of the player doing the quest, and will have an “Ambusher” item property.

  • Trade crates will provide a 50% weight reduction to items placed inside them.

  • Trade crates will expire after 24 hours.

  • Ambush mobs can no longer be tamed or charmed.

  • Insured and Blessed items will not be transferred to the trade crate when using the Fill from backpack menu option.

  • Titles earned through the trade quest can now be assigned as subtitles or as overhead suffixes.

  • The title of “Magnate” is now available after completing 150 trade orders to the City Trade Minister.
Bug Fixes

  • Item insurance costs will no longer be reset when switching subservers.

  • Certain monster AIs that could teleport a player to an inappropriate blocked location will no longer occur.

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