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Unrepentant coming to Darkfall!




Guild Summary:
Guild Name: Unrepentant
Guild Website: www.Unrepentantclan.net
Main Time Zone: [USA, Eastern through Pacific]
Guild Leader or Recruiter: Rhodar, Buntaro

Clan Charter​

We, the members of this Clan have come together in unity for mutual benefit and defense of our Ideals. These Ideals include: Casualness, Respect and Freedom. What this means is that we are a casual Clan that respects each member's freedom to enjoy the game. Our primary focus is freedom: 1) Freedom to enjoy the game as we see fit, 2) Freedom to speak our minds without fear of retribution, and 3) Freedom to make our real lives a priority over the game. We recognize these freedoms come with a responsibility: We are free so long as that freedom does not deny our fellows the right to enjoy the game.

Who are we?
Unrepentant is more than a clan, it is a gaming community. Our members play across several different games, both MMO and non-MMO alike. We are a group that has banded together because we genuinely enjoy gaming together regardless of the game we play in. We are a mature, socially driven casual guild. We understand the need to put the real world ahead of the game world. As a member, you will never be required to attend a clan event, siege or raid. However, we try to make these events so much fun that you are compelled to attend the next one. We are also sensitive to the various time zones shared by our members and are committed to scheduling that is varied enough to include all.

What are our plans for Darkfall?

Our current plans:
• We plan to become a respected and economically successful (self-sufficient) Clan in Darkfall
• We plan to actively engage in PVP and RVR to protect our, and our allies, resources
• We plan on having an active and successful Navy
• We will participate in high level dungeon raids
• In short: We want to delve into everything the world of Agon has to offer on our own terms and at our own pace.

We aspire to become an active community unto ourselves. Our members are encouraged to sponsor events and to speak up whenever they have a concern. We believe that together we can grow to become a great influence and a benefit to the in-game community. We are actively seeking new recruits and once membership is approved, you are given the privilege to bring in and sponsor new blood so that we may continually improve and evolve as a clan. No member is more important than another. The clan leader and the officers hold positions of service, not power.

Our members consider it a privilege to belong to this clan and they take great pride defending the purity of its membership. It is each member’s responsibility to reach out and get involved in the clan. Making friends and lifelong comrades is a natural byproduct of being a member of this community. If you should choose to join with us, then head to our website and fill out our application.

About Us:
We are a socially driven casual clan that seeks to taste all that Darkfall has to offer in our own sweet time. Our members are required only to be respectful, be helpful and to have fun. They are never required to attend any event or in any way place their game life ahead of their real life. We strive to provide a friendly stress free experience for all our members. We value friendship over loot hoarding and as such we have no plans to implement a DKP system. If you are looking for a place to get away from it all and just have fun then we are it, then we encourage you to apply.

Guild category: PVX - all aspects of the game.
Roleplay: Optional/Voluntary, Light RP.
Voice: Yes, Ventrilo
Recruiting members status: Open
Server type: Core Ruleset
Platform (PC, Xbox360): PC

Read BEFORE applying:

1. Be Respectful

2. Be helpful

3. Be proactive (play the game and have fun at least once a month on any toon in the guild)

If you are gone for over a month without posting a reason on the forums then your toon or alt will be removed from the clan with a /tell inviting you to rejoin upon your return without need to reapply. This is to help keep the guild roster pure of active players and their active alts. Under certain extreme situations you may be asked to reapply.

If you find yourself unable to be respectful to a clan member in public then please take the conversation privately, do not make an officer get involved as it may require them to ask you to leave the game until you can calm down. All personal issues will be dealt with by the officers privately and all officer decisions are final.

1. All members will conduct themselves in a manner that will not bring bad reputation to the clan. Such negative behavior includes but is not limited to:
- Kill Stealing
- Rude comments
- Stealing items
- Spamming OOC and shout
- Ninja looting
- Training mobs onto others
- Using excessive foul language in OOC or shouts

2. Clan members are not allowed to auction in Clan Chat, but free give-away items are allowed.

3. All members are encouraged to assist other members if they are available.

4. All members are encouraged (but not required) to participate in and/or create clan events. These events are only successful if we have participation.

5. Give preference to clan members for groups when within your control.

6. Arguing and hostility in clan chat is not allowed. If a conversation is going downhill, then do yourself a favor and take it to tells or keep quiet before an officer has to get involved.

7. #6 also applies to our Message Board. Public flaming on the Forums is prohibited; take it to a private message, if you must.

8. Help others whenever you can.

9. If you wish to leave our clan and apply to another, have the courtesy to remove yourself from the clan.

10. Alts are allowed in the clan, all that we ask is that you be somewhat active with them (play them at least once a month) to avoid them being removed. However, if an alt needs to be re-invited, then please post the request in the proper area of the forums.


I forgot to mention, we are not racially restrictive as it goes against our free to play as you wish tenant... This will be challenging in the begining, but we feel it will just make us stronger in the end.


We're starting on the EU servers, and then will move the guild over to the North American servers, whenever they come online. Some of us are getting really bad lag issues and might not be able to play at all until on an NA server.


This is a great group of people. :scholar: Fun, but serious minded enough to set goals and reach them.