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Unfriendly Neighborhood Troll


Stratics Veteran
Sliding around the corner of the Market Building at Dragon Bay, the gate house of the dragon village, there he stood as I slid crashing into the smelly belly of the neighborhood Frost Troll. Wiping the sticky sweat from the side of my face that had smashed into his belly, I wonder, how can he be sweating in the cold climate here. I shake my head in thought of that...... Looking up into the nasty ugly face of the creature I smile, amusing to me that he is always just so darn slow and I almost feel sorry for him he has to be lacking in the girlfriend department, thinking about what Lyric always brings up, " He probably doesn't visit many Library's" chuckling to myself. Knowing I had paused long enough from the crash, I place my hands onto the stinky body of his and push off turning to run, sure it would be simple enough to just *Cor-Por* the unintelligent thing or whistle for one of the Dragons but my pity again saves his life. Today I will spare him and give him another day to lurk around the neighborhood. After-all he seems to keep that Wolf in the cave nearby, Tales of this region keeps most people inside their homes here and there are many homes on this island, evidently we have many of the richer versions of the citizens of Britaina, Castles and Keeps abound here and you can bet they are not like that Troll I'm guessing in those luxurious homes are library's and with them rarely seen outside their homes my guess is they read alot. So My mission today will be scouting the island for Ol Smelly Troll a Girlfriend, there has to be other Trolls on this island, so I shall venture over to the other side of the island and maybe drag up Smelly a Girl, and I shall call her Nelly. A girl Troll could possibly keep ol Smelly from trolling us day in and day out. Seems to work for human men just a different species.

**I live on Ice Island because of my hatred of UNDEAD and guarding the island from the undead that could wander out of the Dungeon here, Undead, Vampires they all tend to be the same and I have made it my mission to banish the world of as many as possible but now the annoyance of this particular Troll is starting to rank right up there with those Undead. Unlike the undead I will leave the Trolls alone. They kinda remind me of The Orcs whom I have always defended.**

So gathering up my snow boots and cloak I will hike Dagar Island today looking for a Nelly..... ( to be continued