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Undoing Permanent Character Effects


Stratics Veteran
If we become a werewolf now, will we have the option to undo it when the next permanent character effect is added, to give us a chance to test the other one?


Stratics Veteran
As far as I'm aware I suspect that there won't be anything stopping you making multiple permanent character defining decisions other than having to live with all of the downsides at once.

Luka Melehan

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Campaign Patron
Not sure. I know cow can be undone with a quest but if you re-cow after that its permanent. Deer and pigs are potioned on and off. Werewolf is a moon phase thing and I believe is permanent. I do not know if you can add on pig or deer once you're a werewolf. I do know you can have as many characters as you want.


Stratics Veteran
When you become a Werewolf, and then you become a Deer/Pig, your normal form is the Deer/Pig and your Were form is Werewolf.


Project: Gorgon Developer
Stratics Veteran
We hadn't been planning on reverting permanent choices, no. But we'll generally make each new choice easily accessible for a while (like the Pig/Deer curses are now) so you can test it on new characters relatively easily.


Stratics Veteran
I know cow can be undone with a quest but if you re-cow after that its permanent.
Is this true?
I was considering becoming a cow again in order to get more cow levels but will it really become permanent with no way of turning back? not even by killing the cow who turned me?