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Ultimate Collector is in beta...try it out


Portalarium Team
Very pleased to be talking to all the great folks in the Stratics community. If you haven't heard, Ultimate Collector is the game from Richard Garriott's (aka Lord British) new company, Portalarium. A lot of what we are creating there will be used in creating Richard's next Lord British styled RPG game, which we are now calling Ultimate RPG (working title). In the meantime, we would encourage you to try out Ultimate Collector and provide us with your feedback. The game is on Facebook, but I can tell you that it's not what you might be expecting. It's a much different social media game. Hey, it's from LB so you'd expect that. Give it a shot here. We are also launching our new UC Twitter account so please follow us for lots of collecting conversations @UC_GarageSale. I'm sure Richard will be visiting this forum periodically to check in with our UC fans.


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I wonder if anyone will catch up to Nexus!
Is that right, Cirno? ;)


After watching Richard Garriot's recent interview on The George Show, I launched into The Ultimate Collector to see what LB has up his sleeve this time. Hours later, I am already deciding what I want to collect and display, and even spent cash (!), an unprecedented milestone in my experience playing Facebook games.

UC is very similar to other Zynga energy-sink titles featuring exploding nodes of coins, XP, and other goodies. However, the game is notably more in-depth due to the expertise mechanic - a player levels up in specific categories of items as they appraise, buy, and sell their finds. The expertise feature also ties in very well with fun collection categories, including 80s lunchboxes and Matchbox cars (Transformers please!), which make this social garage-sale game a sprawling virtual nostalgia factory.

Now, back to searching for the perfect Pez dispenser...
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