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Ultima Shards: Desolation (Seasonal AoS Shard) Is Back!


Stratics Veteran

What is Ultima Shards: Desolation?

Desolation, is an Age of Shadows - Seasonally Resetting - Ultima Online PvP Centered Freeshard. It is currently on its 3rd reset, and has eclipsed over 200 online client count during its peaks.
Desolation is focused on providing a mechanically accurate but balanced AoS PvP experience, while enhancing gameplay, PvM, Crafting, and everything else with custom content.
Each Season, players will have an opportunity to collect new aesthetic and decorative rewards that persist throughout seasons, new clothing hues, hair dyes,
transmogs, and they will also be able to continue to build up their house size,guild experience, and more!

All items that are marked as seasonal items will remain with you throughout every seasonal reset. However, the rest of your items will reset, including your skillgain.

There is no luck armor needed, the entire loot system has been rebuilt and rescaled to provide players with loot equivalent to the difficulty of the monster slain.
Because this is a seasonal resetting server, loot and skills are acquired at a much higher rate, to allow you to get into the action faster.


Over the years, we've made massive improvements to the Guild System, redesigning and creating a much more fun way for Guilds to play.
Kill Monsters, complete Quests, and send Guild Companions on Missions to earn XP and Guild Gold. Spend that Guild Gold on many different armory items
and perks that you can enable to help boost your Guild, like skillgain increases, gold find increase, and PvM damage increases! Each Guild can have 6 active Perks at a time.


Britain And Other Map Updates

Britain has undergone a main Bank area transformation. As nostalgic as the original bank area was, we believe that our new Bank area will create fits the theme of the server better.
In the same area we have the "Hall of Legends" (Seasonal Reset Winner's Shrine), "Crafter's Square", and the "Arena Centre", as well as the "West Britain Bank".

These areas have been carefully crafted to continue to carry West Brit Bank as the main landing hub for players and the one city that players typically see the most.

Additionally, we have took the time to even out some of the terrain all throughout Britannia, including removing portions of Britannia as well, including, Magincia, Trinsic, Nujel'm, and others.

While many of these areas are also iconic, we need to shrink the map size down a little bit in order to cater to a smaller player base.


Harvesting System Rehaul

Our Harvest System on Desolation has undergone many different changes and improvements. One of the goals of Desolation was to create a dynamically changing world, created by the players.
We believe we've hit that goal by recreating the entire harvest system for Trees and Ore.

Players will now be able to go to Trees or Ore nodes and harvest them IN REAL TIME, seeing their appearance change as the resources gets harvested each step of the way, until there's nothing left.
No room for your Tower in the area you want? Simply Harvest the trees down that are in your way, and place your Home in the newly harvested land. Trees that have been covered by housing will not regenerate, however, trees and ore that are chopped down will slowly regenerate over time, from saplings to regular trees and ore!



Seasonal shard resetting after 4 months where houses, rare aesthetics, collector items and guild experience remain from season to season.

US based AoS as core shard, only Felucca world with smaller map, 720 skillcap and 230 statcap.
PvP oriented shard, but with enough content for PvE and crafters.

Balanced loot, 4 property items lootable quickly from end and high end game mobs ensuring players are ready to go in hours of play.

Brittle system to improve items with 5th property using upgrade kits which can be obtain from daily bosses, dungeon bosses, PvE events and from crafter quests.

Jewelry dropping with up to 5 properties from high end game mobs and bosses.

Doom artifacts obtained via multiple ways: champions, doom bosses (located in shame), supreme paragons (paragons have chance to spawn as supreme), 7th level treasure chests and craftable using very rare resources.

Bulk Order Deed system replaced with a custom quest system allowing crafters to obtain runics and extremely rare cloth (including glacial blue etc) and containers.

Strong and dedicated team behind the project, motivated to work with the players to bring exactly the stuff people like without over.


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Watch Last Season's Launch Trailer!
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