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Ultima Online Spotlight: "UO 5th Anniversary Memories"

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UO 5th Anniversary Memories
A selection by Darius of Heaven's Forge.

In our Spotlight today, we highlight the 5th anniversary of UO by sharing the memories of various players, who look back on their experiences in Ultima Online.

“So many memories – I remember my first house that I shared with my best friend, and then the abandonment of that house due to the colonies of ettins and gazers that occupied the surrounding woods. I remember our first guildstone, and then our second guildstone in our second house. I remember participating in the town of Dawn with our third and much larger guildhouse. I remember the discovery of Trammel and the placement of our guild’s tower, which lead to the formation of our own town, Heaven’s Forge. I remember the peaceful quiet of the woods near Wrong, only occasionally interrupted by a roving band of brigands or a valorite elemental emerging from the mining caves.

“So many changes -- the world has changed around us: fame/karma, murderers, bounty hunting, Chaos and Order guilds, treasure hunting, weapons, armor, animals and monsters. We change how we shape the world through masonry, glassblowing, bulk order deeds, runic and ancient hammers. The changes are too numerous to list, yet too impacting to forget. And we can’t forget the new lands and old foes: the Lost Lands, Ilshenar, Minax, Blackthorn, the Juka, and Exodus.

“So many friends -- they have entered and left my life, every one of them leaving an impression upon me. Some left to adventure in other worlds. Many came back, and I was overjoyed to see them again. Many have not returned, and I miss their presence. Sometimes I remain alone, and other times in good company. I keep searching for a way to craft a rocking chair, so that I might sit on the porch of my tower and whittle while I listen for familiar voices to call to me from the forest.

Happy Birthday, UO!”
- Darius

In the last five years, the roads of Britannia have been trod by hundreds of thousands of men and women from around the world. And it is those people who make Ultima Online the world it is today, and who will shape the Ultima Online of tomorrow. We look forward to joining you in the future of Ultima Online!
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