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Ultima Online Spotlight: "The Kingdom of Dawn"

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The Kingdom of Dawn

Through friendship and perseverance, even the smallest community can become a thriving kingdom. This week, we spotlight one of these communities: the player-run Kingdom of Dawn.

"Death comes to all, but great achievements raise a monument which shall endure until the sun grows old." - George Fabricius

Hail, worthy adventurer! So, ye have come here in search of tales of grand achievement, have ye? Well then, pull up a chair, and allow me to tell ye the tale of the Kingdom of Dawn, and how she grew from humble origins to become one of the largest communities in all of Baja (and mayhap, all of Sosaria as well)!

"Over a hundred citizens strong, the kingdom consists of dozens of buildings, which stretch along the eastern coastline of Dungeon Wrong in Felucca as far as the eye can see; many of these buildings have been passed down from citizen to citizen over the years. But this was not always the case! Before there was Dawn, there were the Guardians of Virtue, a guild which sprang from the hearts of two men who believed in truth and justice.

"You see, the Guardians of Virtue were among Baja's earliest and most notable of guilds, and although they started with but two men, they were destined to become the only guild to have been continually active on Baja since those early days. The guild was formed in Britain by Lord HellRazor and Lady Wildstar, and then later moved to the island of Ocllo. Although they had many adventures and battles, they forever seemed to be in search of a home to call their own.

"Then, one day, a Time Lord appeared before the Guardians, and he told them of the lost city of Dawn. Dawn, a city of mystics and mages, had the ability to cross the dimensions into the ethereal void using a magical orb. But one day, the orb malfunctioned, leaving Dawn trapped in the void for centuries. The Time Lord told the Guardians that Dawn must be returned to Sosaria, for it held a place of significance in the future of the Baja shard.

"The quest for the orb, which could return Dawn to the physical plain, took months and involved journeys to several other shards. Then, one day, Desmond Cross, naught but a humble bard, discovered the orb deep in the bowels of the Yamato shard. Returning to Baja, Desmond used the orb to return Dawn to its rightful place in Sosaria.

"Upon their return to Baja, the Dawn Council of Elders voted to expand their city into a kingdom and to make their savior, Desmond, the realm's first King. Soon after, Desmond married the Lady Hayloh, who became Dawn's first queen. Together with the former Guardians of Virtue, Dawn was rebuilt into a virtual empire.

"The Guardians of Virtue disbanded, taking up residency in Dawn, and the kingdom prospered. As time went on, Dawn expanded to eventually dominate the entire coastline east of Wrong. Its charter grew to incorporate numerous Orders of knights, mages, rangers, merchants, and even rogues!

"Many talented artists and craftsmen took up residency in Dawn, and although some have come and gone, their legacy has lived on in the numerous institutions they have built. These include the Dawn Museum of Dreams (Baja's largest public collection of unique and rare items), the Dawn Library (Baja's largest collection of player-scribed books), Ethereal Travel, and the fabled Dawn Mage Tower itself, where warriors and mages have tested their mettle during numerous tournaments on the tower roof over the years.

"Dawn has also left its mark on Baja in many other ways. Two of its founding members formed the guild Hard to Overcome, which is still one of the foremost PvP guilds on the shard. Dawn's citizens were also among the founding members of the cities of Avalon, Fairhaven, and Heaven's Forge, and have played a role in many of the historical events of the shard.

"The Kingdom of Dawn is living proof that great achievement is possible in our land of Sosaria, even from humble beginnings. One only has to dream…and then make their dreams a reality!"

- HellRazor of Baja

The Kingdom of Dawn celebrates its 4th year as a player-run city this month. Congratulations to the hard-working citizens of Dawn! You can find more information on this player-run city by visiting their website at http://www.kingdomofdawn.com/.

Please join us next week, when we spotlight another tale from Britannia. As always, keep an eye on FYI, where we'll announce future spotlight topics. We look forward to sharing more tales of your accomplishments in the world of Britannia!
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