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Ultima fighting game I've been working on.


I was hesitant on whether or not to post this, and where to post it at, but I thought I'd share with the uo community.

For the past several years since say, 2006-08, I've been working on a game using the MUGEN fighting game engine based around Ultima, using uo sprites and textures. Of course, not constantly. This surprisingly takes time and it's just a hobby of mine. I also need to fix many things. This build of the game is using assets that I'm not particularly fond of. I hate the character select screen for example. And, the only stage in the game so far- brit bank as well. Fortunately, I did at one time redesigned West Britain bank, but I unfortunately lost all progress to that thanks to hard drive failure. So, back to the original, terrible bank for the time being.

The bank wasn't the only thing I've lost progress on. I actually designed a cemetery stage too, and the mage was technically 100% complete. But, that stage is long gone and the mage, I would say is about 50% complete. I also designed health bars that fit perfectly with the aesthetic. I lost those too! I was so proud of them. :(

Much of what you see below is just placeholder images, except for the main title screen, and the mage sprites.

I'm not sure if I ever will finish this project, but if I do - I will share it with all.

Title Screen:

Character Select:

This isn't a typical fighting game, it plays more like rock, paper, scissors. There's no jump button so you need to rely on other mechanics, such as blocking, teleporting or going invisible. There's no punching or kicking either, you have to rely on spells given to you. Similar to uo, I've made it so that if you happen to get a spell off before the opponent, then his current spell that he casts will fizzle. I also included mechanics such as poisoning, and meditation.

Poison activated:

5 mil for an uber axe? You can definitely tell this build is old:

Originally I planned on having all mage spellcasters that have different abilities, but I really want to also include other skills, like Necro and Weaving eventually. I began working on a Paladin prior to the hard drive failure but, I lost it too. But that's okay, because I doubt I could balance a Paladin character to fit with the rest of the game unless I somehow took away his sword.

Sound effects and music came from Ultima Online as well. Being a musician, I was going to attempt to recreate many tracks, but that's trivial considering the current state of the game - If I finish this project, music will be the last thing I focus on.

Surely everyone remembers the naked trash talker:


Okay, that's all I have to share for right now. I've been relearning everything that I've forgotten and I hope to make more progress in the future.
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Thank ya sir. Honestly I wanted to post just to see if there's any interest because while I'm doing it as a hobby, I don't want to be the only one who enjoys it. When I'm done with the mage character and add a couple of stages, I think I'll just let everyone try it out.
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Looks interesting. Backup files in two places. I've had that happen and it sucked. I use an external drive and then once in a while sync to google drive or amazon glacier depending on what it is


Thanks for sharing this @leloyon

It looks terrific and I encourage you to continue working on it until you get it just where you feel it needs to be. Again, thanks and I (and lots of others) look forward to hearing more.