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Tyrian Combat Brotherhood - Ehmry Bay - 27+



I am putting together a community of people that seek to enhance their Guild Wars 2 experience by hanging out with others who are in the same 'place' (to use a word) as they are.

TCB is an older gaming crowd, 27 years of age or older.

TCB has two primary goals:
1: have fun
2: gather a pool of players who wish to compete in tournament pvp

TCB's charter can be found here ** Tyrian Combat Brotherhood - Guild website - Guild Charter and Application ** All the information you need is there.

Thank you for your consideration, have fun on the 25th :)
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Welcome to the Stratics GW2 forums TCB. I just listed you on the GW2 Stratics Guild Listing part of our portal. I wish you good luck on your recruitment and hope you all have great adventures on your way into GW2