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Two Arcanists available


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The Gathering of Shaman's now has two GM Arcanists available at the same time to do a Focus if given a few minutes notice. Anyone who needs a Focus can give a yell via Alliance Chat or check the chat system to see if the Shaman's Crafting channel is active and use that.


Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
That is great, The best.
However how does that fair in knightly melee battle?
Both are mages and I no longer play on Chesapeake where those two characters are. I did the second Arcanist so I could do an Arcane Focus those five years back.


Many a War is fought and won on a premise.
With Crimson Dragons besieging towns much line New Haven.
Paladins succumbing over time to spell weaving Necromancry and their sages.
The humble bard over the course of time quest casting Arrmegedon. A precursor to the woeful brigand ants coupled with knights who cast a spell of Devestation through misleading vice versus virtue in towns not far from there.
There is an enchanted arm it's called
The Tanlladwyr.
Weapons with arcane powers are elected by those of the virtue or vice to wield it.
A source to this arms lore are pole arms I find bring about the adept. Lance with enchantments battle through a Pvp percent.