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Turbine & Codemasters: Fake Emails, Phishing Attempts and Your Safety


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[drupal=30285]Turbine & Codemasters: Fake Emails, Phishing Attempts and Your Safety [/drupal]

Codemasters recently announced a notice about a fake email phishing attempt to gain your account's details. Please read the announcement below and be aware, that Turbine and Codemasters will never ask you for your password.
Codemasters has also announced, in the related discussion thread, that they have successfully been able to get the offending Web Site the fake emails were originating from taken down. This does not mean that this type of threat has been relieved, as there are always scrupulous and deceitful individuals out there who would like to illegally gain access to your gaming account.
<blockquote> Fake Emails, Phishing Attempts and Your Safety
Please be aware that a new "Phishing" email has recently been doing the rounds into people's inboxes. This email appears to be from Codemasters ([email protected]) and asks you to confirm all of your account details.
This email is FAKE. Do NOT click on the link or email them back under any circumstances.
You can tell this based on two facts:
<ul>You will note that the link they ask you to click ends in .ru (Russia), a solid clue that this email did not originate from Codemasters
Half way down the email states it's from Blizzard Entertainment

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