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Jenifer James TC

You may be wondering what TSO:M is... Well, TSO:M is The Sims Online Minute, a 60 second video of what's new and cool in the sims world. There are currently 3 episodes out, which were created in 2002 or 2003(?).

These 60 second videos included sections like Simciety Scene, Trend Spotting, Hot Property, and a special section called 10 Seconds of Fame, where a certain thing is talked about for 10 seconds, for example a sim is selected (I don't know how) or the topic of roof art is decided on and is talked about for 10 seconds...

Here are the download links to these 3 episodes:

*Episode 1

*Episode 2

*Episode 3

(NOTE: If these links don't work, you can always access them on TSO's official web site and by clicking on Videos)

I think if these videos were started up again, (and maybe put on YouTube?) they could promote the new EALand (when it's done of course) and TSO as a whole. What do you think? Have I just lost my mind or what?


It's a good idea. Making a one minute video wouldn't be much of a hassle.


Found them on youtube!


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Hehe! I remember going to one of the Casinos in the second one. Lots of fun! Miss the old days...

Jenifer James TC

Awesome! I never looked there, are they on a random person's account or something official?