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Trying to help the cities trade deals


Crazed Zealot
A problem facing the governors of the cities is the 2 million a week they pay, most times out of their very own pocket to keep that trade deal a going, many governors sought answers on how to fix this, but alas there was little or no help for most and they quietly left office. Some have stated if the cost was fixed they would/might return, several seats are available if you wish to run for office, you do not have to wait for the period when you can vote, simple ask the king at the next meeting coming soon.

There are two cities under 100 million that could use your help, drop off cargo from the beacons at the trade ministers for that city, the ministers are all located at the city docks, except for Yew.

There are two cities over 500 million I offer my congratulations to those cities, and ask they help the other cities for a bit.
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