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Triton. How do i get one?


Babbling Loonie
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Not sure if im just having a bad day but i cant seem to find any information about Tritons on stratics or uoguide.

Where do they spawn so i can tame one? oR where can farm one?

BR Butters

The Doctor

Stratics Veteran
Kill Plunder Beacons on the high seas. Turn in to black market person next to buc's den bank. Search forum post for plunder beacon and it should give you plenty of info on tactics used to kill them. The Triton is a reward so comes in statue form so you can sell them. The pet bonds when statue is used. A quick vendor search in game for one may show many for sale to buy with gold.


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Great info. thanks a lot!
I wouldn't slack on doing the plunder beacons though if you are looking to collect the maritime cargo for them because it's a limited time event. An official end date hasn't been given but it will be done sometime this year (maybe by Sept).