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Treasure Map Library Testing (BETA)

Lord Gareth

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Treasure Map Library Testing - Beta

Trammel/Felucca Islands

Tokuno Islands


Ter Mur

Over the last few months the Kijustsu Anei Community has been planning and mapping out a "Random Treasure Map Location Rune Library" The project was put off to the side earlier this year but with the added motivation and assistance of Lord Lestat is now ready for Testing in Malas, Tokuno and Ter Mur.

Treasure Maps are always random so you cannot accurately pin point the exact spot BUT you can divide up each facet into sections which is what we have done.

Within each of these sections mark 16 runes spread around throughout the section thus triming travel time from 4 minutes to 30 seconds (depending on the location) and bypass the complications of lost party members and other spawn.

The Runebooks (Blaze orange) are located within the H-J Rune Library/Community Teleport Hub located next to the Homare-Jima moongate.

The maps showing section locations are on the EVI Wiki space (temporarily) until the Stratics website comes back up. We hope some of you treasure hunters give it a good testing and give us your feedback/suggestions so we can make improvements.