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Treasure hunting fun!


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Ahoy mateys,

Finally Sambal the Treasure Hunter has completed his preparations. He now has a new suit helping him to cast spells and shoot arrows effectively. He imbued it himself (all 70 resists with Protection, 100% LRC, 20 DCI, 26 LMC, 6 MR, 70 DI, +36 Mana, +23 Magery and +5 Archery). Aneirin helped him out with two useful spell channeling bows (a very nice Dragon slayer).

The last two days 2 or 3 mateys joined Sambal as he grabbed his skeleton keys and went to dig for a level 6 treasure. Sambal's mining skill helped a lot to find the spot. They gave those Balrons and Ancient Wyrms hell. It really is an advantage to have ranged attacks against those creatures. It was challenging and fun to slay the guardians and loot the chest afterwards. One time a so-called "Grubber" appeared when Sambal picked the lock. It stole something out of the chest and tried to run away. However, the Grubber was soon hunted down and slain, so the stolen item could be retrieved.

The chests contained 30,000 gold coins, one artifact (nothing special though), 6 imbuing reagents, sometimes a Skeleton Key or a new treasure map, sometimes a brittle item (not fortifyable) like the Surge Shield, and in rare occasions a Forged Pardon. And of course the usual load of magic items with mostly no value.

Thanks all for joining, and I hope we will do more treasure hunts in the future. Recommended equipment for a level 6 Trammel map: Dragon Slayer, Demon Slayer, Elemental Slayer.