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Treasure Hunt

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Date: 12/16/12 (Sunday December 16th 2012)​
Time: 7:00pm EST​
Location: Luna Bank​
Rules/Description of the Event: Can be found here
Prizes: Prizes for first, second, and third place.​
(copied from the event thread so lazy people dont have to scroll all the way thru it)​
1- Items can be found anywhere​
2- Anyone who gives away answers in general chat is disqualified​
3- Helping your friends in a private group is ok​
4- All items on the list must be accounted for and in the hunting pack when returned​
5- If a riddle, code, or clue is to difficult a clue or two in general chat is fine​
6- If a player comes up with an item that fits a clue, that item will also count as correct. Even if its not the intended item.​
At the start of the event players will be given their hunting pack and left to their own devices. In the hunting pack will be a riddle book and an empty bag. Players need to solve the riddles and acquire all the items they describe or call for and place them in the empty bag. Once all the items are collected make your way back to Luna Bank to hand it in. After about 1hr if no one has come back with the required items the game is over, an announcement will be made in general chat. If someone does come back with all the items they are the winner and an announcement will be made in general chat.​
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