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Travel? Walk, or just take a Worm Hole?



I was thinking. How is travel going to be solved at a massive level.

What do you guys think?

Will it be different instances for the gate dials for groups, and soloing? Or do you just click where you want to go and a dialing loading screen comes up to go to the different planets...

Just something I was wondering.


As I understand it, it'll be taking the stargate to different planets, which aren't instanced. So, if you just through the gate to P6S-2031, you'll be getting suprise cuddles from the same Reetou as everyone else.


They should have one non-instanced world like EVE. The technology is ready at this point.


Eve is a special case...
The whole space setting allows the areas to be huge, and mostly devoid of... anything...
The resource requirements for a single area of Eve are probably similar to those of a small town in a ground-based MMO.
Add to this the vastness of the area, meaning that the mission areas are, to all intents and purposes, instanced. While a person could find their way into the same area another player's doing a quest, the chances are very close to zero.
If you travel out into the middle of a moor, or other geograhically significant area of land, and there is no one around. You might as well be the only person in the world, since there is no one else within your vicinity.


Heres what they have on travel so far.

The stargate is the principal travel mechanism and one of the most significant elements of the show. There is a great amount of pressure on the developers to get the stargate right. Firstly the stargate itself will be featured in many more design locations than they had the ability to do so in show. This may include different ramps and stairs, and different mounting mechanisms.

In the television series the stargate can be opened for a maximum of 38 minutes (or more in special circumstances) and when the last traveler steps through the gate always knows when to shut down. This would create problems in a game situation, particularly on heavily populated worlds.

A number of solutions to this have been discussed, including instancing the gate area. However the most likely mechanic will be that the gate functions as expected on unpopulated worlds. The user will dial the gate and watch the dialing sequence and kawoosh occur, the team then steps through and the gate cuts off. It has been largely discussed on the official forums, whether the wormhole animation will be used as a loading sequence or not, and so far it has not been confirmed. It might not be possible due to limitations on the Unreal 3 engine. Its still a matter in flux.

On populated planets when the gate is already open, players will be able to come and go as they please without having to go through the dialing sequence. The gates are not connected as a game programming, so the other end will not see the gate being activated, at least not the opening sequence.

Exactly how this will work, particularly with the iris and related mechanisms, and which worlds this will include has not been revealed. The gate mechanism will likely be one of the items fine-tuned during the beta phase.

Of course when the gate function is an integral part of a location or quest it should function as expected. Not all places have active stargates and you may need to get to the planet by other means.
Space and Space Flight
Mother ShipPlayer controlled ships will not be in the initial release. However, missions will almost certainly take players onboard several different types of spacecraft to experience massive space battles such as seen on the television series. Players will even be able to explore the entire interior of a Ha'tak class mothership. Having player controlled ships has been discussed as potential content for an expansion. It has been confirmed that CME is looking to add spaceflight in an expansion, but it is still very speculative if it ever hits the gold that way. While some community members believe it may be included in the Atlantis expansion, the technical aspects and massive amounts of content associated with developing space travel tends to suggest player space flight will be its own expansion. There is also speculation that the third series of the Stargate franchise will be based on space travel, which would make the case for a space flight expansion much stronger