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[Selling] Tram Yew Gate House 150mil (Same screen as gate!)


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Stratics Veteran
Tired of "VS" acting up? Is vendor search cutting into your profits too often when its down? Look no further, check out the house right at the moongate and throw some vendors up to make the gold you deserve to be making!

Selling tram yew gate house 150mil, same screen as gate. Will consider trades/offers. Its the log cabin looking house, if you look at the screenshot you can see my mouse cursor is over the sign. No, its not the large white house thats clearly worth more than 150mil.

UO Tram Yew Gate Atlantic House Selling.jpg

Please PM me, reply here, ICQ me, or send me a message on discord if interested. Will accept Item (artifacts and/or vet rewards specifically) trades of equal value if rather do that.