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[Discussion] Trader History


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We've introduced a new feature to all the trade forums here on Stratics. Starting today you will be able to leave feedback as a buyer or seller here on Stratics. At the top of each thread, you will see a block for the Trade history of the person who started the thread.

View attachment 104711

Clicking on it will take you to a menu where you can view their trade history and provide feedback. Opening a person's profile card by clicking their name will allow you to do the same.

View attachment 104713

The purpose of this is to help less-frequent traders judge who is trustworthy or not. In the end, this system only benefits you, if you strive to build up a positive reputation.

Let me leave you all with this warning, however:

Individuals who we find are attempting to exploit this system or use it as a means of intentionally discrediting other members without cause will find themselves without access to any trading forum here on Stratics.