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[Township Outing] Navrey Friday Night Eyes

Lord Gareth

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Navrey Friday Night Eyes
Date/Time: Friday Nights at 8:30pm ET
Gathering Location: Lemon Tavern, Kijustsu Anei Village
Hosts: Flibber & Gareth

We will be hosting this outing for the next few months on Friday nights starting March 23rd 2012. Meet up at the Lemon Tavern at or before 8:30pm ET and make our way down through the Underworld to the Cavern of Navrey Night-Eyes. Once there we will do a minimum of 5 runs, for those wishing to do more may continue to do so. Please join the global channel “Navrey Friday” so we can communicate with those who are not in the alliance and/or Ventrilo.

The Three pillars will be activated by the hosts but before this happens the Global channel will be spammed with “ROCKS” or “ROCKS INCOMING” This means you need to pull your pets off immediately!!! IF you are using a Cu then mount it, Greater Dragons command “All Stop” and invis. If your pet will not follow commands, run off a few screens and log out then back in so your pet logs out with you. If you do not move your pets off of Navrey they will be killed by falling rocks.