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Town Meeting / Serbule Election Nominations Sat Sept 6 at 2pm cst


Project: Gorgon Game Mod
Stratics Veteran
Final nominations for the election will be taken for the offices of Mayor and Ambassador of the refugee town of Serbule.

Many complaints have been made concerning safety and there is unrest between residents and our elven refugees. Citizens murdered in the streets! The few Council reps we have in the area are over worked, underpaid, or simply do not care. There are even a few who are taking unfair advantage of thier positions to line thier own pockets.

It is time, citizens, to take action. Help clean up this town and make it a nice place to live again. Time or levels in game make no difference. This is an RP opprtunity, with a few non-combat related perks.

Those nominated so far are: ALinkToTheFuture, Qyra, Lyramis, Dreadz and Gremror. Saturday September 6th at 2pm cst will be the last opportunity to make nominations. Do not be afraid to nominate yourselves if you think it would be fun!


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