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Torture/Dungeon Deco


I am trying to deco my custom keep and I cannot remember the names of a lot of the dungeon/torture type deco. I have collected a bunch of skulls and bones from shipwrecks. Can anyone list any cool things that they remember that I can look for on vendor search? If you have some to sell at reasonable prices, I would be interested as well. Thanks in advance!

Max Blackoak

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Not sure if all of this is what you're looking for but I'll just list everything I have accumulated over the years:
I have
suits of silver and gold armor,
stone spikes,
stone ankhs (NOT the ones that res you),
various trophy deeds and bear rugs,
stretched hides,
tapestries of all kind,
wooden bookcase (shows books when you put stuff inside),
marble fireplaces in various colors,
fire banner,
mistletoe deed,
steam powered beverage maker and grinder,
chest of sending,
wall maps,
white grandfather clock,
formal dining table,
ale table,
bufffet table,
table with purple tablecloth,
table with red table cloth,
blue decorative rug,
deco items from the king's collection,
harpsicords in various colors,
hanging axes,
dragon head,
lamp posts (round style and the doom version),
silver plated lamppost,
various skulls (crystal, jade, obsidian),
plague masks and other handpainted masks (by mesanna, other devs and EMs),
scroll of abraxus,
crystal and shadow deco items,
shadow altar,
spike columns,
fire demon statue,
spike post,
obsidian rock,
obsidian pillar,
shadow fire pit,
globe of sosaria,
shadow banner,
bone table,
bone couch,
bone throne,
sacrificial altar,
creepy portrait,
disturbing portrait,
mounted pixies,
bed of nails,
monster statues of all kind,
dragon jack o' lanterns,
scarecrows (burning and regular),
tragic remains of travesty,
broken bookcase,
wall torch,
a mummified corpse.

Let me know ifyou're interested in any of these.
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If your looking for the stuff from the primeval lich spawn let me know I have most of all the stuff it drops in full sets