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Toontown Times June Edition


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Our "Back to Summer" fun continues, and the party is just getting started. And by "party" we are referring to Toon Parties, of course! The Toontown release that has been sweeping the neighborhoods with Toons launching out of Cannons, bouncing on Trampolines, and shaking their shorts on the Dance Floor is set to get even crazier. How? With new party additions being released this July! So keep your Toon eyes peeled for the super-exciting announcement!

Also, we are still accepting entries for our Toontown "Design a Party Decoration" contest. This is your chance to get more involved with the fun, and the Toon Council couldn't be more excited! The top three party decoration designs will be available for Toons to rent in an upcoming Toon Parties release. Check out the Official Rules and details to enter.

It's a summer of Toon Parties fun, so what are you waiting for? Get into Toontown and party today!!!


Play Daily for Your Chance to WIN a Disney Parks celebration vacation!

We're celebrating the expansion of new Toon Parties, and in honor of this Toontastic enhancement, we're giving you a chance to win a celebration of your own at Walt Disney World® or Disneyland® Resort! Simply log in and play Toontown between now and July 31, 2009, you'll automatically be entered to win and celebrate at the place where dreams come true! Log in and play once a day through July 31 to increase your chances of winning. It's that easy. In fact the hardest thing to decide is: "What will you celebrate?"

To ensure the Cogs can't take over a section of our beloved newsletter again, we are making this into a new section of the Toontown Times called "Toon Talk." This is where we can discuss all things Toon!

This month we are discussing our brand-new Toontown Improvement Project. Improve Toontown, how can the most Toontastic place in the Tooniverse get any better? Well, that's what we want to know from you -- the Toons of Toontown! Each week we will post a new topic at our player feedback blog, and open up the comments to you. It's your chance to tell us what you would like to see and do in Toontown. So, teleport over to our player feedback blog now and send us your TIPs!

Ask Toontown

Dear Toontown,
I tried to meet up with a friend on Toontown, and I couldn't see him. Are there different servers, and if there are, how do we switch [between] them?

Dear Jerrett,
You can find your friends on Toontown in a couple of ways. First, to answer your question, Toontown does have different servers that you can switch between, known as Districts. The complete list of Districts can be found listed in alphabetical order on the second tab in your Shticker Book. To switch to a different District, just click on its name and you will teleport directly to that District.

The second way you can find your friends is through your Friends List. Just click on your friend's Toon and choose the "Go To" button to teleport directly to their Toon. We hope this helps you find your friends so you can share your adventures in Toontown!

Your Friends at Toontown

Congrats Boop on the 91 CJ Wins!!