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Toontown Test Version Notes 12/18/09



News from Toontown Test.
December 18, 2009 [sv1.0.39.12.test]
  • Fixed bug which was causing "Lure the good cheer the toontown way" not to register as a carol phrase .
  • Snowman heads no longer generate popping sounds when entering/exiting.
  • Fixed bug which was causing Snowman heads to get lost on log out.

December 17, 2009 [sv1.0.39.11.test]

Attention TEST Toons! New Winter Holiday Toon Caroling game play. Talk to each playground host for a clue as to which shop in their neighborhood is participating. Then visit the six participating shop keepers, sing them a holiday carol from your SpeedChat menu and receive a snowman head effect for your Toon.