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Toontown Helpers Service (THS)


Stratics Veteran
Hello, everyone! I've played through a majority of Toontown, and believe me when I say this. It was hard at parts! Well, I know that players like you may experience the same problems. So, I am forming the THS, or Toontown Helpers Service! With this new service, you can post a reply under this thread asking for help, or saying that you are willing to help. When one of our helpers see it, they will send you a PM with:
  • Their toons information
  • True friend code/toon location
  • How and when they can help
(Including your true friend code in the PM is optional, you may send your location instead.)

When you receive that PM you can meet up in game! Make sure that after you get the help you needed you edit your post with the phrase "Completed."

(You can either PM me or one of the helpers, if you feel you did not get a response in a decent amount of time.)

If you would like to help, we would be happy if you could! All you need to do is PM me, and ask if you can join the THS. Remember, as a member you are obligated to assist toons in the game frequently. Once you are a member I will add your user name to the list of helpers (below). If you would prefer to help in a specific criteria, such as Toontasks or Cog buildings, then you can include that in your PM as well. If a user contacts you asking for help, you must respond with either a confirmation, a recommendation to another user, or politely turn down the offer. We welcome any help you can give us, and hope you can join!

Current Helpers:
Cooper11(All Criteria)
flip893(Cog Buildings & Field Offices)



i really need help with doing some cashbot buildings ( 5 story ) in donalds dreamland if thats possible!!!!!!!:)


Hi I need help getting a key to Daisy's Garden from a Mingler. I heard that after that I have to complete my sellbot suit, and if that is true, I need help with that as well.


Clover Bananaroni
45 Laff Points


Im sorry for my absense on this Topic. I was informed of it but didnt no the activity of was there. My apologizes. Bannana I PM you so get back to me as soon as possible for that Key to Daisy. And the post above PM me please so I can have some one help you out or I will happily help you. Please get back to me all that need help. And Join TT Stratics. Thanks all
c0rey STR Guild Leader :thumbup1: