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ToonTasks to Avoid

  • Thread starter Lollipop Zooblesnook
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Lollipop Zooblesnook

Hello Toons!

I just started playing toontown again after a year + off and I moved during my time off and have misplaced my notes.

There was a thread, at least a year ago, where someone suggested some tasks to avoid and the alternatives. I don't think it was a thread specific to this topic but kind of morphed into it.

Does anyone remember where it can be found or have notes of their own on this topic? Anything you can provide will be appreciated.

Thanks much!
Be careful out there!

Lollipop Zooblesnook

Nevermind, after some additional hunting, I found it.

I highly recommend it for anyone playing for the first time or starting a new toon. It's very well done and easy to read through. It's not just tasks to avoid, it's a little bit of everything to make life in tt easy breezy :thumbup:... well easier anyway.

It's in a post written by Fangs McWolf on 10-21-08
and there is also a link to it in another post by Fangs on 10-08-09

McWolf hints, tips and general guide (take 2)
A mini guide to help people with advancing their toons.

(I tried to link it but I seem to be severely challenged this early in the morning.:))

Murky Dizzynugget

Hint: If your subscription is about to end in 5 days, don't choose "Defeat 14 Cashbot Dollar Mints".


NEVER take a quest that you need to take down 12 bullion mints it is a waste of time. It took a little over 4 months to finally get it done. :thumbup1:


1 of my kids gave the other 80 level 12+ cogs anywhere when he wasn't looking.

12 Bullions would be fine if you were in the middle of maxing your Robber Baron suit.