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Toad Town Live Auction General Information Guide

Alexander of ATL.

Rares Fest Host | Atl June 2013
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Thank you for taking the time to read over the Toad Town Live Auction's General Information Guide. This guide will help you learn the week-to-week functions of the live auction. The Auction House, located outside the Luna North Gate, is part of a growing township that has a history spanning from 2010 to the present day. If there are any questions, feel free to reach me at any of the following:

Discord: Alexander of ATL.#6008
ICQ: 760215091
Stratics PM: Alexander of ATL.


1: Toad Town Auction House Rules & Information



  • There Is An Item Limit Of 45-50 Items Per Auction. To Minimize Time, No Submissions Are Allowed After Such Limit Has Been Reached
  • Submitting Item(s) Should Follow The Guide Placed In The South West Corner of the Auction House
  • To Submit An Item To The Auction House, Hand Item(s) ONLY To Alexander (Toad) Or Simply Place The Item(s) In The Auction House Mailbox
  • If A Submission Does Not Have A Start Bid Or Indication Of A Start Bid, The Item Will Be Returned And Not Be Auctioned
  • Individuals Are Allowed A Maximum of 5 Entries Into the Live Auction. This Is To Make Sure Everyone Has An Equal Opportunity To Auction Items
  • As Auctioneer, I Reserve The Right To Reach Out To Patrons If I Feel An Item Is At Risk Of A No Sale
  • For An Item Lot To Be Submitted, The Value of The Item or Item Lot Must Be At Least 20M. If The Item Lot Does Not Meet This Value Requirement, The Item lot Will Be Returned. Per Discretion of the Auctioneer.
  • If An Item Does Not Meet The Required Value of 20M, It Can Be Grouped With Other Items Until Such Value Has Been Achieved
  • No False Bidding! If A Bid Is Placed And That Bid Is The Winning Bid, You Are Expected To Pay For That Winning Bid!!
  • After Winning A Bid, Open A Trade Window With The Auctioneer To Pay For And Receive The Item(s)
  • Bid Increments Are:
    • 0 - 1M = 100k
    • 1M - 50M = 1M
    • 50M - 100M = 5M
    • 100M - 500M = 10M
    • 500M - 1Plat = 25M
    • 1Plat+ = 50M
General Operations
  • The Auction House Will Take A 5% Commission Charge On All Sold Items
  • A Winning Lottery Number Will Be Generated Randomly! The Person With The Correct Winning Number MUST Be Present To Win
  • Item Lists Are Available To All Participants Via The 'Book' Steward! Simply Say 'book' And One Will Be Placed In Your Backpack
  • Audric The Drunk Is a Celebratory Mini-Game From Toad Town's Past! Read The Book Next To Audric For More Information
  • Auctions Are Every Sunday Unless Otherwise Stated And Submission Cutoff Time Is That Friday, Or Two Days Before The Scheduled Auction Date
Griefing & Banishments
  • No Tolerance Of Griefing! Anyone Found To Be Griefing Will Result In Immediate And Permanent Banishment From The Auction House
  • Temporary Banishment Will Be Given On First Offense Violations Unless Otherwise Stated. Temporary Banishments Will Last One Month
  • Secondary Offense Violations Will Result In Permanent Banishments! Permanent Banishments Are Indefinite
  • In Times of Special Events That The Toad Town Auction House Is Affiliated With, Banishments Will Remain And No Pardons Given

2: Submission Bag Example



3: Lottery Game Information & Helpful Guide


The Item
  • The Item For This Weeks Lottery Is Displayed On The Table Next To This Book
    • For the week of September 5th, 2021, the lottery item was an Ethereal Ostard (as an example)
The Tickets
  • Tickets Are Available On The Vendor Next To The Lottery Item. There Are 50 Tickets Total And Can Be Bought During The Duration of The Auction
The Winner
  • At The End of The Auction, A Winner For The Lottery Will Be Chosen By A Random Number Generator. You MUST Be Present To Win

4: Audric the Drunk Mini-Game


What Is It?
  • Audric The Drunk Is A MiniGame Of Toad Town's Past! It Is A Game Based On The Merits of Chance & Luck!
Audric's Story
  • A Retired Mischievous Fellow Audric Is And With An Eye For Entertainment! Known For His Casual Conversation & Banter, Audric Like A Game of Luck And Good Hearty Fun! He Received A Small Fortune In Inheritance After The Assassination of King Casca And Has Chosen Toad Town As His Place of Retirement. Every Week He Can Be Found At The Auction House Bidding & Drinking The Night Away!
How To Play
  • Audric Enjoys A Lively Crowd! The Louder The Better! When The Drinks come Out, So Does Audric's Impulse To Splurge! To Play, Simply Yell Out "Drink" And Audric Will Gift You With A Reward! The Odds, Though, Are Random & Unknown! Audric Can Gift A Bottle Of Locally Brewed Toad Town Bog Juice If He Feels You Haven't Drank Enough! Or, A Trinket May Find Itself In Your Backpack! Play To Find Out!

5: Item List Distribution Steward


An item list distribution steward will be available for everyone to get a copy of the item list for this week's auction. Simply be near the steward and say 'book' and one will be placed in your pack.

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