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To all Distillers: What did you produce so far?


As soon as we were able to brew our own spirits some of us started crafting barrels, produced mash, and distilled the wash into fine whiskey or schnaps, fitting our taste. Even better, we were allowed to be very creative about the names given to our products. All the information is still visible on the barrels, and, in reduced form, on the bottles. Barrels still show the day the process started.

Since I almost immediately ordered my newly assigned brewer to take care of these opportunities, and kept some of the products, I decided to display all of what I still have from back then. It is kind of a short term exhibition of the booze and wine I produced over time, the products of other brewers and distillers supported (they joined the beverage tasting event we held at some time), and other alcohol related items I found in my crates.
If you are interested, feel free to visit my house in front of Moonglow, on Drachenfels. The exhibition will last for a few weeks.

Why do I bring this up right now?
Quite simple - we have had the 10 year anniversary of distilling, roughly a month ago, concluded from my oldest distillate, labeled "Waldquell" (the meaning in english is something like "Forest Spring"), brewed in the deep forests of Yew, more than 10 years ago, August the 28th, 2011.

So which products would you like to present? Old, new or extraordinary. Some of the distillates and wines have stories. Care to share?



Slightly Crazed
pity all alcohol is for Deco purposes only . Could be like fish pies.
It can for example lower your HCI cap but add some quiver- damage modifier. And hangover after booze effect wears off. Or do fire breath with strong spirits and torch equipped.
Drunk bards with 50% chance to fail but 50% to double effect.


Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
i named some "butts" and the came out to read "a bottle of butts" passed it around and we all drank butts. Yep i know its immature but had a good time anyway


My question is how can I bottle what is in those kegs?
By double clicking you receive a bottle of the brew if the barrel is in your backpack or you have access rights in a house.

I did not make them public, since emptying the barrels would remove the full information of the liquor barrels. Wine barrels do refill for some reason, at least when not completely emptied, liquor barrels don't.