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[Price Check] Tmap prices ?


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I personally have no use for those, but when the house in my front yard fell the other day, I scooped up a chest that is FULL of em. Figured someone would want them. They all range from level 1-5 plainly to deviously drawn, with the heaviest glut of em being deviously.

They cover all land masses felucca, trammel, Ilshener, AOS lands, Tokonos and TerMur.

Just wondered what the norm going rate is for tmaps nowadays, as I will probably slap em on a vendor, eventually.
It used to be once upon a time, somewhere around 1k gp per level, for tmaps but that was ages ago.

DreadLord Lestat

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I am interested in them. I just came back and haven't seen a lot for sale tbh. They got bumped up to 5k gold per level. The arties are in levels 6-7 but you can still get other stuff in the lower ones. Shoot me a pm or icq with how many of each level and what you would like for them. :)

ICQ 126-630-075


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Aye these only go up to Deviously.

I think there is close to 90 in that one chest though going from Plainly to Deviously with the lower plainlys and deviouslys, for the glut of em all. I began sorting them. But all 5 of the levels are there, plainly expertly adeptly cleverly and deviously etc. blah blah ! I don't think I ever even seen them higher end ones yet, but then I am NO tmaper ! :) Just figured why let em decay in the ground surely someone could use em or want em, soo I scooped em all up.

The Deviouslys I have sorted by land masses, fel, tram, malas, ilshener, tokono, and termur, ones. The rest are only sorted by *level* and still a jumble as to what land mass they are for.

My homes are always public be there here or Siege or anywhere.
Ye welcome to pop over and look at them if ya want to.
What hours do ya play ?

Um I think I moved those tmaps from my nw zento house, to the new tram side, New Magincia house, that I placed just a lil bit ago. LOL TOO much idocing this week and now 2 new house locations, so my lil confuseth brain is FRIED ! LOL

I HATE MOVING yet I do it a LOT ! lol