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TirNua is Sold!



TirNua Will Rock You!
December 4th, 2010 by TirNua Audrey

As many of you have probably already heard, TirNua has been acquired by RockYou. This is great news for all of us including the community. Everyone at TirNua is very excited about the merger, we know it is a key strategic move for TirNua as a company to make. Read more about this exciting merger in VentureBeat and Gamasutra.

RockYou is an industry leader in the social entertainment space with over 280 million UMV and 15 billion monthly global impressions and TirNua has an awesome 3D engine that will allow us to build multiple synchronous next generation social games. With RockYou’s muscle and TirNua’s tech it’s a sure win-win situation. As Greg was quoted in the press release, “RockYou is an industry leader whose scale of users will allow us to reshape social gaming faster than we could do on our own.”

All of us at TirNua love and appreciate our community. You guys have been the best and we couldn’t have gotten where we are today without your support and assistance. We would like to invite you all to join us at RockYou and continue to follow along with us on the pathway to delivering rich gaming experiences in 2011.

See you there!
Gratefully yours,
The TirNua Team
This sounds like good news for the team....but what about the players of TirNua?

There seems to be some question about the future of TirNua as a game on the TirNua forums. Is this shades of TSO/EALand all over again?:sad3:


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend

I heard about this and ran to the boards for more information. On a blog was reading TirNua may become a download? Will you continue to post here any new info regarding this?

My thoughts are, not only did EA lose the best team it ever had, it lost a lot of paying customers. Luc, Lee and the DEV team took their knowledge elsewhere. And tons of EA customers went with them. Now, they take their project even further, RockYou should be able to give them even more support. I can't play facebook games or Tirnua would be my game. Luc's background are games like Ultima Online and TOS. We know what that team can do, remember the last six months of TOS/EAland? To me, the most exciting news is "the team went with Tirnua".

This could be interesting, the team and no EA! A downloadable version. I'm seeing a future here. Oh...one more thing, regarding "shades of TSO/EAland" that was EA, not the DEV team, right? So???

Thanks for the update.

Willow from JP

****This sounds like good news for the team....but what about the players of TirNua?

There seems to be some question about the future of TirNua as a game on the TirNua forums. Is this shades of TSO/EALand all over again?****


The Team just posted an update:

Many players have reached out to us these past few days, curious about what the recent acquisition news will mean moving forward. We can confirm that TirNua will continue to be available for you to play. As you can probably imagine though, there is much work to do to transition everything over to RockYou and to get up and running at the new location. As of this week, the devs have all relocated to our new office space at the RockYou headquarters.

We hope you will understand, that during this transition, it will be difficult to provide regular weekly updates to the game. We would like for you to continue to enjoy playing TirNua, and hope that you also join us in all of the great games that we develop at RockYou. Our community means the world to us and we thank you for all the great support!

All the best to you and your families during this holiday season.

See you in the game,
The TirNua Team
It is a relief to hear this, even if it means not as many updates, until they are settled in.

Also, there are some extra opportunities and benefits from playing the game from Facebook, but it is not required. :)

I don't have a Facebook account, and I play the game directly from TirNua's web site, just by clicking the first log-in button.