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TirNua further along September 2013

There has been many improvements in TirNua. There has been more updates since Jwhite2410 posted.

TirNua is also increasing in its player base with the work of players and the Catroo team who have been working on improvements to Facebook and Google recently which has resulted in a ongoing increase in the player base in TirNua with more time zones having more people on week after week.

Catroo's revenues have increased resulting in more happening in TirNua. Now is a good time to consider coming back or trying TirNua.

TirNua is getting better and better.

I will try to keep posting here every so often to provide a update on what is happening.

Catroo still own and operate TirNua.
100 new items in TirNua stores. Catroo seems to be assembling its biggest ever update with no patch notes out yet. Has TirNua found a investor? Many old players are returning to TirNua to take a look. Seems they may have more developers now.