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[Imbuing] Tips for Imbuing training...

Discussion in 'Craftsman's Data Chest' started by Basara, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
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    Note: Most of this guide is now obselete, other than the Gypsy info.

    with info from Satejrat and others....

    Minimizing Costs:

    The cheapest way to train Imbuing, is to have a GM or higher crafter with GM Arms Lore handy, to craft items for you to unravel, and to make the items for you to imbue (as the 40% DI acts as an 80% intensity property to start with).

    For making items to be Unraveled for your training materials, you have 2 cheap & easy crafting choices, and two that are a bit more difficult.

    1. Make weapons or armor out of Oak (bowyer/carpenter), or other materials for other crafting skills, with normal tools, and use an unraveling bag to unravel them; note that not all materials give substantial enough properties to allow unraveling (Ash doesn't, nor do some of the leather & ingot types), or
    2. Make weapons or armor out of normal iron, leather or wood with low-end runics, and unravel them (unlike the special material ones, this can be done using the Imbuing gump, and not require the bag except to do in mass quantity). Making colored material items with runics is more likely to give Enchanted Essence, or maybe even Relic Fragments.

    3. Make Exceptional Samurai Empire plate items (jingasa) for the automatic mage armor property, with normal tools
    4. Give all your combative types an unravel bag, and have them fill it up with junk loot to unravel as they hunt (this is ESPECIALLY good for a Treasure Hunter, or a fisher fishing up SOS chests - and you might even blunder into something worth imbuing later)

    Skills needed to Unravel/Imbue:

    0 to 25.0: You can unravel to get Residue, and get skill gains in the process. Of course, unless you are on Siege Perilous, you'll probably miss this part totally. Note that Imbuing gains work like cooking gains from stacked ingredients - even though a bag will do all at once, you will still get one chance for a gain from each item.
    25.1 to 50.0: Only Imbuing will raise skills from this point on. at 50.0 and below, you can only unravel items that give Residue.
    50.1 to 95.0: At 50.1, you get the ability to unravel items that give Essence.
    95.1 to 120: At 95.1 you get the ability to get relic fragments from items unraveled.

    In the beginning if you start with 0 skills go to the NPC in Tel Mar and pay 400 gold and let them teach you to 40. Trust me, it's well worth it.

    If you start with a new char at 50 you have saved a few Residue and Gems, but are likely to start with much less residue than someone that started at a lower level.

    You're going to need lots of Residue and Lots of Gems. My advice is to learn the hard way from 0-25, to get you a base amount of raw material, THEN buy the rest the way to 40.0.

    Magical Residue, Enchanted Essences and Relic Fragments:

    Items with a value of 200% or less of total property intensity will give Magical Residue.
    Items from 201% to 420% will give Enchanted Essence, and can be unraveled, as noted above, starting at 50.1 skill. Some items that are borderline between 420% & 450% seem to be able to go either way, depending on the race of the character and which forge used (in other words, Gargoyles using the queen's soulforge can get relics from some items that others would get only essence from)
    Items over 450% will give Relic Fragments, and can be unraveled at 95.1 skill.

    Many weapon and armor artifacts (those that are not blessed), can be unraveled for Relic Fragments, or at worst, Enchanted Essence. This includes minor artifacts from various sources.

    Skill Bonus Points, and Skill Gain:

    Being a Gargoyle gets you +2

    Using the Forge in Tel Mar gets you +1

    Using the Queens Forge gets you +3

    Don't run to the Queens Forge to get or use the extra skill points, when training. In fact, you're best off training on a human or elf, on a crafted soulforge. Your chance to gain is based off difficulty, so utilizing any of our bonus points will make your training take longer, and cost more.

    The object is to keep the Residue and Gem used to a Min and get the Max gains.

    There have been various reports as of what success ranges give the best gains. Look at the menu, where you are asked to adjust the intensity for the property you want to add. You will see a box with the chance of success as a percentage.

    Satejrat and others report best gains between 58% and 66%.
    Basara and others could not gain at all at that range, but were getting fast gains between 40% and 50%.

    It is probably best for each player to work out their own best training ranges, as the racial variable (the bonus for gargoyles, which will significantly alter the gain range) and your choice of location / soulforge will impact it greatly.

    See Petra's Training Guide for an example of a training regimen that aproximates these ranges, and minimizes materials costs.
  2. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
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    General Tips:

    1.When crafting stuff to imbue/unravel place the raw materials in your unravel bag. When you craft the item it will automatically appear in that bag.

    2.Have all your hunters carry unravel bags to drop their junk loot in.

    3. When crafting items that only have to be imbued with ONE property, Imbue an item once and then unravel to reclaim the magical ingredient used. At some point you will even get back more than what went in.

    4. Once you get to items that require TWO or more different properties added to gain, Imbue the properties you are less likely to gain on first, on all the items. Then, Imbue the last (best gain chance) property multiple times (9 on 2-property item, 8 on a 3-property item)for faster gains at the expense of getting less magical ingredients back.

    5. At higher levels imbue items twice. The first imbued property should be done at an intensity giving you 70% or greater chance of succeeding and uses the most expensive of the ingredients you plan to use. The second property should use the less valued ingredients and be in preferred gain range. If you use the tip #4 approach then the second property will be applied 9 times.

    6. Items of exceptional quality have additional resists or DI, which count toward difficulty to enhance, and increasing the unravel value (but won't unravel without additional properties, like in the next sentences). Items that gain additional properties (mage armor for Samurai Empire plate armor) are even better. Items crafted with special materials can't be imbued, but are typically great for unraveling. Lastly, crafting with low-end runics will give you all kinds of stuff to unravel, and maybe even make an item or two that you might want to save for later imbuing to actually USE, when you finish training.

    7. If you can find properties to imbue that only use 1-8 gems of the cheapest types (amber, citrine; to a lesser extent tourmaline & amethyst), that will help your pocketbook a lot. This is what makes properties like Reflect Physical Damage (armor) and Hit Dispel (weapons) so populare for training. Also, if you mine regularly, and your miner's account has been upgraded to SA, buy & read the book in Ter Mur that will let you get normal gems from mining.

    For example, hit dispel (on weapons) uses 1 amber at 2%-8%, 2 at 10-14%, 3 at 16-18%, etc. (continuing the +1 at percentages ending in 0 and 6 all the way to 8 at 44%, before the rare ingredients come into play).

    8. Become very familiar with the wandering Gypsies of Ilshenar.

    This page has 8 of the spots; 3 more were added in the Compassion areas (one near the pass of Karnaugh, 1 by the Daemons north of Petrus the beekeeper, and 1 between the bridge & the pass to the permanent Alexandrella's Bowl gypsy camp) at or after the release of 3rd Dawn, and that part of the atlas is still being updated (it's a lot lower priority than getting the new stuff, and things like skills and equipment updated).

    When the RANDOM gypsy camps despawn, and reappear, their prices reset to base. So, unless someone goes nuts and buys 25k of one gem, the gem prices from the random gypsy camp Vagabonds will always be reasonable.
  3. The Scandinavian

    The Scandinavian Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 31, 2001
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    Hi there,

    please add links to pages that have useful info.

    I always have to dig for them when I need them.

    Property reagent list,property max values ,property weight list and so on.
    You are welcome to delete this post when you are done.

    The Scandinavian
  4. Boogieman

    Boogieman Guest

    Couple of days ago I discovered a third soul forge in Ter Mur. It's located in the blacksmith shop in the city (no name?) you find when you head south from the moongate and beyond a small mountain range. (Sextant coordinates: 161' 59'' N 21' 52'' W).

    This soul forge does NOT give any bonus to imbuing! I compared the success chance of imbuing an exceptional dagger with hit dispel 2% standing at this forge and a crafted forge placed in a player house.

    This is great for me - and anybody else - who won't or can't place a soul forge in their home. (Personally I find it a huge monstrosity).
  5. R Traveler

    R Traveler Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 15, 2005
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    Holy City