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Time to check out Tirnua



If there are any old former Sims Online players still checking this space, you really should take a look at Tirnua now. It has evolved immensely just over this summer.

It's shaping up to become even better than TSO ever was.
Still in the works of course, but it's really fun. And while it's in the works we can influence what kind of game it becomes, give ideas, be a part of it all!
There are new features every week right now!

Lots of old familiar faces there from tso.
You get to spank FUGLY's bottom if you're lucky.

If anyone hasn't joined Tirnua yet, now would be a good time.
They have just introduced the concept of Resident / Guest - if people sign up for Resident now they will have advantages (more skill locks - bigger monthly stipend - and so on) over those who sign up for Resident later.

If the game seems strange at first, give it time, learn how to use it. It's worth it.

We need more players though, it would be even more fun if we could get the old TSO players in there. The community events, parties and stuff would be even more fun with more players. So if you know any other old TSO players, bring them along. The game is free, just sign up on www.tirnua.com and join the fun, find old friends, meet new ones.

(And no I'm not employed by them, lol... I'm still just me... Just really like the game and it's sad that a lot of people are missing out right now) :thumbup1:


They just got custom content(textures) for clothes! :danceb:

"Users now have the ability to upload custom content (textures) onto all clothing items."

Sooo, if you have a bear fur pattern, you could attach it to the clothing templates....and almost get a bear!

Head, hands & feet would still be a problem, but it is getting so close, Monkeybear!:thumbup:

They seem to be really steaming along now. First skilling, then item duplication, and now custom clothing....it won't be long before we have full custom content abilities.

This would be a really good time to check out (or check back in, with) Tirnua.


I often check the blog but havn't actually made a character yet. The graphics are a bit of a turn-off for me. :(


I do understand what you are saying, but the avatars also improve on a regular basis.

It was fun sitting around in game, remembering how (just a little over a year ago) every man, woman and Dev, was the same long-haired blond, in a red and white sundress!:thumbup1: