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EM Event Thursday August 22, 2013

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Queen Mum

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From Sonoma EM Events website:
Amonos was looking at Daniel. He did not look like he was so evil. Not so evil as Natasha. He knew he needed help and that meant asking Daniel for it.

“so you see Mr Ravens, The caravans and bakeries are being raided. For some reason Natasha wants war paint. She even has it made bright gold. The savages have pointed out that she is not blending in but stands out likie a beacon”

Daniel went cold when he heard this. A beacon was what he had thought could happen with Blackthorn. Wasn’t that why they had endured all the tests from the elements? Could the..

“look Daniel, We found this” Amonos presented the small gem that was darker than amethist but not quite jet black. “the savages have reported that her arms look like this.”

A shiver went up Daniels spine. He felt like slimy oil had been poured into his soul. Ity eminded him of the old days. Days he had spent dreading the next “lesson” from the shadow Dweller.It could not be.

Danile swallowed. ” We need to set a trap. We need to speak with natasha. Even she is not this evil.”

Come out and help prepare the trap.

Meet Daniel at the west Brit Counselor Hall.

9 ET, 6PT
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